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Diocesan Administration

- Diocesan Administration


Diocesan: Most Rev. Frederick F. Campbell, DD, PhD
198 E. Broad St., Columbus, OH 43215-3766
 (614) 224-2251
Retired: Most Rev. James A. Griffin, DD, JCL, JD
3330 Timberside Dr., Powell, OH 43065
 (740) 881-0547


198 E. Broad St., Columbus,, OH 43215-3766
(614) 224-2251
Toll Free: (800) 944-2251
Vicar General: Very Rev. Msgr. Stephan J. Moloney, MA, M Div, JCL
Chancellor: Rev. Mr. Thomas M. Berg, Jr., MJ, MPS
Vicar for Priests: Very Rev. Michael J. Lumpe


Episcopal Moderator for Administration and Personnel:
Dominic Prunte
197 E. Gay St., Columbus, OH 43215-3229
 (614) 241-2590
Episcopal Moderator for Education: Joseph Brettnacher
197 E. Gay St., Columbus, OH 43215-3229
 (614) 221-5829
Episcopal Moderator for Catholic Charities and Social Concerns:
Mark H. Huddy
197 E. Gay St., Columbus, OH 43215-3229
 (614) 241-2540
Episcopal Moderator for Spiritual Life and Parish Ministry:
Rev. Mr. Thomas M. Berg, Jr.
198 E. Broad St., Columbus, OH 43215-3766
 (614) 224-2251


Most Rev. Frederick F. Campbell
Very Rev. Msgr. Stephan J. Moloney
Rev. Msgr. William A. Dunn
Rev. Mark Hammond
Very Rev. Michael Lumpe
Rev. Robert Penhallurick
Rev. Joseph Yokum


Current members of the Presbyteral Council who are also currently serving as pastors.


197 E. Gay St., Ste 500, Columbus, OH 43215-3290
(614) 241-2500
Fax: (614) 241-2522
Judicial Vicar: Rev. Msgr. John K. Cody, M Div, JCL
Adjutant Judicial Vicar: Rev. Dennis Stevenson, Rev. Robert Kitsmiller
Moderator of the Tribunal Chancery: Rev. Mr. John Crerand, MA, JCL
Diocesan Judges:
Rev. Msgr. John G. Johnson, JCD
Rev. Joseph N. Bay, MA, M Div, JCL
Rev. Dennis Stevenson, MA, M Div, JCL
Rev. Mr. John Crerand, MA, JCL
Rev. Msgr. John J. Dreese, SSL, STL
Rev. Leo L. Connolly, M Div
Rev. Timothy M. Hayes, STL
Rev. Kevin J. Kavanagh, STL, M Div
Rev. William A. Metzger, BA
Rev. Daniel J. Millisor, M Div
Rev. Paul A. Noble, PhD
Promoter of Justice, Vicar General: Very Rev. Msgr. Stephan J. Moloney, MA, M Div, JCL
Defenders of the Bond:
Rev. Mark J. Hammond, JCL, STL
Rev. Hilary C. Ike, JCL
Mr. Daniel Shakal, M Div, MCL, JCL
Rev. Mr. Thomas Berg, Jr., MJ, MPS
Rev. Mr. Christopher Campbell, BA
Rev. Mr. Jeffrey Fortkamp, MPA, JD
Rev. Mr. Dan Hann, BSA
Rev. Mr. Frank Iannarino, MEd, MTh
Rev. Mr. Robert Joseph
Rev. Mr. James W. Kelly, MA
Rev. Mr. Pete Labita, MA
Rev. Mr. Roger Minner, MSW
Rev. Mr. James Morris, MS
Rev. Mr. Dean W. Racine, MBA
Rev. Mr. James Rouse, MS
Rev. Mr. Mark Scarpitti, BS
Rev. Mr. Craig Smith, BA, JD
Rev. Mr. Marion E. Smithberger, BA, JD
Rev. Mr. Frank Sullivan, MA
Rev. Mr. Patrick Wilson, BS
Sr. Wanda Scherer, OSF, MA
Ms. Barbara Kegelmeyer, BA
Mr. Thomas E. Long, JD
Tribunal Auditors/Notaries:
Ms. Mary Beth Krecsmar
Ms. Patricia Smith
Ms. Sue Ulmer, IAP
Tribunal Notary: Sr. Raymunda Brooks, OP, MA
Tribunal Psychologist:
Timothy M. Luis, PhD
Donna P. McClure, PhD
Shannon H. Johnson, PsyD
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