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Consultative Bodies

- Consultative Bodies


President : Bishop Frederick F. Campbell
Chairman: Patrick Gins
Second Chair: Dan Eisenhauer
Third Officer: Katie Boesch
Executive Secretary: Ellen Weilbacher
1 Center-South Columbus: Edward Hueckel
2 Northwest Columbus: Jeff Zimmerman
3 North High Columbus: Robin Baxter
4 Northland Columbus: Connie Sauter
5 West Columbus: Bobbi Lindner
6 East Columbus: Dan Eisenhauer, 2nd Officer
7 Marion: Vacant
8 Muskingum-Perry: Vacant
9 Knox/Licking: Bobbie Thomas
10 Tuscarawas/Holmes/Coshocton: Vacant
11 Fairfield/Hocking/Pickaway: Patrick Gins, Chair
12 Southern: Katie Boesch
Diocesan Council of Catholic Women: Mickey McCormick
Presbyteral Council: Vacant
Diaconate Council: Deacon Bill Demidovich


President: Bishop Frederick F. Campbell
Chairman: Fr. Joseph T. Yokum
Vice Chairman: Fr. Thomas Buffer
Secretary: Fr. Jonathan Wilson
1 Center-South Columbus: Fr. Michael Lumpe
2 Northwest Columbus: Fr. Robert Penhallurick
3 North High Columbus: Vacant
4 Northland Columbus: Fr. Thomas Petry
5 West Columbus: Fr. Leo L. Connolly
6 East Columbus: Vacant
7 Marion: Fr. Thomas Buffer
8 Muskingum-Perry: Fr. Donald Franks
9 Knox/Licking: Fr. Jonathan Wilson
10 Tuscarawas/Holmes/Coshocton: Fr. James Hatfield, III
11 Fairfield-Hocking-Pickaway: Fr. William Ferguson
12 Southern: Fr. Joseph T. Yokum
Bishop's Appointee: Msgr. William A. Dunn
Ex-Officio: Msgr. Stephan J. Moloney


Bishop Frederick F. Campbell
Msgr. Stephan J. Moloney
Dcn. Thomas M. Berg, Jr.
Dr. Joseph Brettnacher
William S. Davis
Mark H. Huddy
Andrea Pannell
Dominic Prunte


1 Fairfield/Hocking/Perry: Dcn. Jeffrey Carpenter
2 Knox/Licking/Muskingum: Dcn. Tim Birie
3 Marion/Delaware/Hardin: Dcn. Todd Tucky
4 North-Franklin: Dcn. William Demidovich
5 Northeast-Franklin: Dcn. Kevin Murrin
6 Northwest-Franklin: Dcn. Rob Joseph
7 Scioto/Ross/Pickaway/Fayette/Vinton/Jackson: Dcn. Reed Hauser
8 Southeast-Franklin: Dcn. Jim Kelly
9 Southwest-Franklin/Madison: Dcn. Joe Knapke
10 Tuscarawas/Holmes/Coshocton: Dcn. David Lozowski
Ex-Officio Members: Bishop Frederick F. Campbell
Ex-Officio Members: Msgr. Stephan J. Moloney
Ex-Officio Members: Dcn. Frank Iannarino


President: Sr. Eileen Fitzsimmons, O Carm
Fr. Stephen Alcott, OP
Fr. Joseph Ciccone, CSP
Sr. Joanne Fogarty, OSF
Sr. Barbara Kolesar, OP
Sr. John Paul Maher, OP
Fr. Ramon Owera, CFIC
Sr. Nereida Olmedo, HMSP
Sr. Maureen Anne Shepard, OSF
Sr. Jean Welling, SC
Sr. Leonard Zielinska, OP


Bishop Frederick F. Campbell
Chairman: Frank Bettendorf
Dcn. Thomas M. Berg, Jr.
Timothy Botts
William S. Davis
Michael De Ascentis
Christopher Fidler
Robert Hetterscheidt
Kathy Houck
Msgr. Stephan J. Moloney
Fr. Bob Penhallurick
Ed Walsh
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