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Sacred space for the faithful departed

Ever since the Sacred Body of our Crucified Savior was reverently laid in the tomb to await the hour of its glorious Resurrection, the church has been dedicated to creating sacred places for our faithful departed to rest until the day of their bodily resurrection.

In the Mass and burial prayers, the Church gives voice to her belief in the Resurrection of the Body, the Communion of Saints, and Life Everlasting. Thus, we surround the burial of those who hope to rise with Christ in an atmosphere of deep Christian faith and profound reverence. This sense of reverence allows Catholic cemeteries to be that place of rest for those who in life worked to be true disciples of Jesus Christ.

As such, our cemeteries honor these departed brothers and sisters, serving as a memorial to their lives -- their hopes, their achievements, and their legacy. They remind those of us who remain in this world to strive for what we hope our faithful departed have achieved -- life everlasting in the arms of God.

Catholic cemeteries also symbolize and express the hope of salvation that the living have in Jesus Christ.

When we visit the cemetery, we are taken on a journey of memory -- memories of our loved ones. Such a journey reminds us of the love they had for us and the many gifts they gave us. These memories serve to remind the living of the love God too has for His people and the many gifts He brings us, including the gift of life and the hope of eternal salvation.

Finally, Catholic cemeteries are sacred shrines. The ornamentation -- altars, statues, and devotional settings -- reminds us of the sacred mysteries of our faith and draws us into deeper reflection.
Such reflection can only bring us closer to God.

I invite you to explore Catholic cemeteries for yourself or a loved one. They are indeed visible signs that we are a people of God who trust in Him and His saving grace.

May God bless you and your loved ones now and always.

+James A. Griffin
Bishop Emeritus, Catholic Diocese of Columbus 

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