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Catholic Record Society

 Welcome Historians and Genealogists...
to the passion of the first
U. S. Catholic Record Society.

Our Mission:
The Catholic Record Society of the Diocese of Columbus is dedicated to the searching out, preserving, and publishing or otherwise making available to researchers and the public any materials pertaining to events, persons, organizations, and places in Ohio historically associated with the Diocese of Columbus.  Special attention is given to the present Diocese of Columbus.  One of the Society's objectives is to make known the works of the Church by bringing into better light the heroism of the missionaries, nuns, and the lay people who laid the foundation of today's Diocese of Columbus.  The accomplishments of these early pioneers, despite tremendous hardships, is an inspiring and encouraging story for today's Catholic.
The Society works in close connection with and supports the Diocesan Archives, which preserves the official records of the Diocese, but has a much broader scope than does the Archives.
Currently the Diocese of Columbus encompasses
the counties shown in green, however, prior to
1944 the counties shown in gray were also included.
If you reference material from this site, please be sure to cite Catholic Record Society of the Diocese of Columbus.And in the case of citations from Barquilla de la Santa Maria, also cite the Volume, Number and Author of the article.

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