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Additional Resources and Links

Foundational Documents

Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People (USCCB)

Essential Norms for Diocesan/Eparchial Policies Dealing with

Allegations of Sexual Abuse of Minors by Priests or Deacons (USCCB)

Address of Pope John Paul II to the Cardinals of the United States (Vatican)

Additional Resources

Child Sexual Abuse: A Review of the Literature (John Jay College Research Team)
Report on the Implementation of the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People - 2005
Mobile Background Checks:  National Background Check Inc., 614-557-1255, Tony Frabott


Prevent Child Abuse Ohio

Ohio Job and Family Services Department

Boy Scouts of America - Youth Protection Resources

The Center for Child and Family Advocacy

National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center

I-Safe America

Netsmartz - Internet Safety Website

Safe Side


Resources for Volunteer Managers

Ohio Statutes

Best Practices for Screening Volunteers who Work with Children in Ohio

County Child Protection Links

(Click here for all Ohio Counties)

Coshocton County

Coshocton County Job and Family Services:  (740) 622-1020
Coshocton County Sheriff:  (740) 622-2411
Coshocton County Sex Offender Registry


Delaware County

Delaware County Job and Family Services:  (740) 833-2300
Delaware County Sheriff:  (740) 833-2810
Delaware County Sex Offender Registry


Fairfield County

Fairfield County Job and Family Services:  (740) 653-4060
Fairfield County Sheriff:  (740) 653-5223
Fairfield County Sex Offender Registry


Fayette County

Fayette County Job and Family Services:  (740) 335-0350
Fayette County Sheriff:  (740) 335-6170
Fayette County Sex Offender Registry


Franklin County

Franklin County Children Services:  (614) 229-7000
Franklin County Sheriff:  (614) 462-3360
Franklin County Sex Offender Registry


Hardin County

Hardin County Job and Family Services:  (419) 675-1130
Hardin County Sheriff:  (419) 673-1268
Hardin County Sex Offender Registry

Hocking County

Hocking County Children Services:  (740) 385-4168
Hocking County Sheriff:  (740) 385-2131
Hocking County Sex Offender Registry


Holmes County

Holmes County Job and Family Services:  (330) 674-1111
Holmes County Sheriff:  (330) 674-1936
Holmes County Sex Offender Registry


Jackson County

Jackson County Job and Family Services:  (740) 286-4181
Jackson County Sheriff:  (740) 286-6464
Jackson County Sex Offender Registry


Knox County

Knox County Job and Family Services:  (740) 392-5437
Knox County Sheriff:  (740) 397-3333
Knox County Sex Offender Registry


Licking County

Licking County Job and Family Services:  (740) 670-8860
Licking County Sheriff:  (740) 670-5500
Licking County Sex Offender Registry


Madison County

Madison County  Job and Family Services:  (740) 852-4770
Madison County Sheriff:  (740) 852-1332
Madison County Sex Offender Registry


Marion County

Marion County Children Services:  (740) 389-2317
Marion County Sheriff:  (740) 382-8244
Marion County Sex Offender Registry


Morrow County

Morrow County Job and Family Services:  (419) 947-9111
Morrow County Sheriff:  (419) 946-4444
Morrow County Sex Offender Registry


Muskingum County

Muskingum County Job and Family Services:  (740) 455-6710
Muskingum County Sheriff:  (740) 452-3637
Muskingum County Sex Offender Registry


Perry County

Perry County Job and Family Services:  (740) 342-3836
Perry County Sheriff:  (740) 342-4123
Perry County Sex Offender Registry


Pickaway County

Pickaway County Job and Family Services:  (740) 474-3105
Pickaway County Sheriff:  (740) 477-6000
Pickaway County Sex Offender Registry


Pike County

Pike County Job and Family Services:  (740) 947-5080
Pike County Sheriff:  (740) 947-2111
Pike County Sex Offender Registry


Ross County

Ross County Job and Family Services:  (740) 702-4453
Ross County Sheriff:  (740) 773-1185
Ross County Sex Offender Registry


Scioto County

Scioto County Children Services:  (740) 456-4164
Scioto County Sheriff:  (740) 354-8261
Scioto County Sex Offender Registry


Tuscarawas County

Tuscarawas Job and Family Services:  (330) 339-7791
Tuscarawas County Sheriff:  (330) 339-7743
Tuscarawas County Sex Offender Registry


Union County

Union County Job and Family Services:  (937) 644-1010
Union County Sheriff:  (937) 644-4100
Union County Sex Offender Registry


Vinton County

Vinton County Children Services:  (740) 596-2571
Vinton County Sheriff:  (740) 596-5242
Vinton County Sex Offender Registry
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